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The first visit

“The goal of the first visit to our orthodontic clinic is to
resolve any doubts you have regarding your malocclusion and
your orthodontic treatment and inform you in the best possible way about it.”

First sensations

The first orthodontic visit with us is the first contact we have with you, our patient. It is the gateway to our consultation and the first step to the orthodontic treatment. In the first visit we want you to get to know the clinic and our way of doing things by advocating the concept of Slow Orthodontics. We understand that one of the most important things is human relationships; in the relationship with our patients we are always ourselves, this is the only way to have a warm and sincere relationship.

Our goal in the first visit to the orthodontist

Our goal in the first visit to the orthodontist is to inform and resolve any doubts over problems of malocclusion, and then which orthodontic treatment is the most appropriate to resolve it, its duration and its cost.

On the first visit Dr. Friedländer will show you similar cases that have already been resolved and cases in the process of being resolved. Here you can see our cases resolved  and the opinion of our patients..

Do you have any doubts about orthodontic treatments?

In your first orthodontic visit with us we will try to send you home with as much information as possible on the following aspects:

What is the problem

We perform a clinical examination to analyze problems present in the mouth both at a functional and aesthetic level (this analysis is fast and requires confirmation by a thorough orthodontic study).

How can we do it

We offer all types of treatments available today; orthodontics with external brackets, invisible lingual orthodontics and transparent orthodontics Invisalign; To be leaders in our field, we train continuously and in this way we provide the most innovative and efficient treatments.

What can be done

Orthodontic cases almost always have more than one possible solution. We do not choose the treatment for you, but we advise you and with our help you can choose the best treatment for your case. Many of the factors that influence choosing one type of treatment or another are very personal to each patient. Our obligation is to provide you with all information, but not to choose the treatment for you.

Duration of treatment

An important factor is the treatment time. In the first visit to the orthodontist we can already have a fairly accurate orientation of how long the treatment can last. After the study is performed, this is confirmed.

How much will it cost and how can it be paid

we define the price depending on the complexity of the treatment and the type of appliances used, . We want to give you the best quality possible in treatment, for this reason we try not to work with mutual dental insurance ,( you can read more about this topic in our philosophy). We work very hard to make things easier for you and to make you as comfortable as possible. We will inform you about the total cost of treatment and the different payment options. It is very important for us to be calm not only at a clinical level, but also at an economic level; the treatment prices in our consultations are closed estimates that include all the appliances that we need to solve your case, they include the final retention devices and two professional hygiene sessions; we do all this so that you do not have any surprises at the end of the treatment. Our main objective is that you are content with the treatment at all levels and for this reason our treatment estimates do not have small print, tricks, or any type of deception.

The first approach with our patients, is also the space of time dedicated to knowing the needs and doubts that each person may have, and it is the opportunity for you to know the human being behind the specialist that is going to treat you. Because we are people treating people and that is the most important thing.

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