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How much it will cost and how can it be paid

Depending on the complexity of the treatment and the type of appliance, the price of the appliance is defined, we want to give you the best possible quality in treatment, for this reason we try not to work with mutual and dental insurance, you can read more about this topic in our philosophy. We work very hard to make things easier for you and to make it as comfortable as possible. We will inform you about the total cost of the treatment and the different ways you have to face this budget. It is very important for us that you are calm not only at a clinical level, but also at an economic level; the budgets in our consultation are closed budgets that include all the equipment that we need to solve your case, includes the final retention devices and two professional hygienists; We do all this so you do not have surprises at the end of the treatment. Our main goal is to finish the happy treatment at all levels and for this reason our budgets do not have small print, tricks, or any kind of deception.


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