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Win invisible lingual system

The Win invisible orthodontic system is the second generation of fully personalized lingual orthodontics belonging to Dr. Dirk Wiechmann from Germany.

The most characteristic thing about this system are the brackets and silver colored wires. It differs from the Incognito system in its manufacturing process and in some detail in the design of its brackets. Both systems are excellent for precision treatment and are totally invisible.

3D Win Technology

Win, is a customized system, based on 3D technology for the planning and manufacture of your personalized brackets and wires.

Like the Incognito system, DW Lingual Systems presents patient cases on its online platform, which it calls the Case Management System. This system allows for viewing virtual models from all angles, assessing occlusion and patient bite, before and after treatment and facilitates communication with the laboratory.

Win manufacturing process

The manufacture of the treatment device starts after the orthodontic study when the necessary patient records are sent to be precision printed in Germany. The technicians receive the prints and the prescription sheet from the laboratory prepared by Dr. Friedländer based on the study.

Preparation of working models

The technicians empty the impressions with plaster and prepare a set-up or a reassembly of the teeth in the plaster models according to the prescription. Later these models can be scanned and we can obtain a digital set-up.

Design of the brackets

In the design of the brackets of the Win Lingual system two parts are used for its construction: one is the base of the bracket and the other is the body of the bracket.

The technicians have two stores: one for bases and one for bracket bodies.

The base of the brackets have different sizes and designs depending on the tooth, and the bodies of the brackets have a specific shape and design for each tooth.

The base of the brackets is the part that adapts to the surface of the tooth. All the bases of the Win system have a small tab that allows easy de-cementing, and removal of the brackets (yellow circles).

The body of the bracket is made by a process called selective laser melting and, once manufactured, it is prepared for the precision carving of the bracket slot.

Once the designs of both have been chosen, the bases and the body are soldered together by laser.

Los alambres se entregan sobre una plantilla con todas las dobleces del arco y, en caso de que haya que hacer stripping o reducción interproximal, las zonas y las cantidades a realizar.

Manufacture of individualized wires

In order to make the wires, the brackets are cemented in the set-up or reassembly models, that is, the models that have the teeth already positioned for the desired results.

The technician marks the grooves of the brackets and with this information the customized wires are made for the treatment. A robot bends the wires according to this information.

The wires are delivered on a template with all the folds of the arch and, if there needs to any stripping or interproximal reduction, the areas and quantities which are to be made.

Manufacture of cementing splints

Once the brackets and wires have been manufactured, they are cemented into the models with the patient’s malocclusion. This mean in the original models that show the same problem as the patient, and then the cemented splints are manufactured.

The cemented splints are trays where the brackets are already placed and prepared for cementation by the indirect cementation technique. There are 2 different types of splints depending on the cementing system used by the orthodontist: hard silicone splint and transparent splint.

Want to know if orthodontic treatment would work in your case? Discover the experiences of other people and the result of orthodontic cases solved successfully by Dr. Friedländer and his team specialized in orthodontics in Barcelona.

Compared with invisible lingual orthodontics or Invisalign transparent orthodontics, vestibular orthodontics or external orthodontics is one of the most economical options for possible orthodontic treatments.

The first approach with our patients, is also the space of time dedicated to knowing the needs and doubts that each person may have, and it is the opportunity for you to know the human being behind the specialist that is going to treat you. Because we are people treating people and that is the most important thing.

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