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Incognito invisible lingual system

The Incognito system of invisible orthodontics is the first fully customized lingual orthodontic system belonging to the 3M brand.

The most characteristic thing about this system are the golden colored brackets.

It differs from the Win system in its manufacturing process and in some detail in the design of its brackets. Both systems are excellent for precision treatment and are totally invisible.

Lingual Incognito Lite system

The Incognito Lite braces system is invisible and easy to clean. It was specially developed for patients with mild to moderate malocclusion in the area of their 6 anterior teeth, as an alternative to conventional brackets.
All Incognito Lite components are customized for each patient using the latest computer technology. Extremely flat bracket and custom-made arches facilitate dental movements without hampering speech and chewing. They are also anti-allergenic and suitable for almost all ages.

A light and simple system

We recommend Incognito Lite for patients who demand maximum comfort in terms of use and speech, and who require discreet dental corrections in the anterior area of their mouth.

  • Limited treatment, but no limitations.
  • Very easy to manipulate in the visits.
  • Changing the wires is quick and easy.
  • Very easy to cement.
  • Very short visit time.
  • They are usually short treatments of about 12-24 weeks.
Incognito 3D technology

All the planning and production of the braces and wires of the lingual system Incognito is based on 3D technology.

The 3M brand offers the possibility of obtaining a set-up or virtual teeth reassembly, by scanning and digitizing patient models.

Before having this possibility, the teeth assembly used to be made in gypsum models. The new virtual assembly of the teeth allows us a better communication with the laboratory and the patient; and saves a lot of space in the query when archiving the models.

The digital set-up in 3D, used to be sent by means of a PDF file, but now is currently done through a digital platform that allows to visualize and study the case better; It allows us to see the teeth before and after treatment and even overlap. We have the possibility to rotate the image and see it from all angles.

Incognito manufacturing process

The manufacture of Incognito lingual appliances is performed once the orthodontic study has been performed. We send to the Incognito laboratory in Germany precision patient models, along with a laboratory prescription sheet, where Dr. Friedländer details all the steps to follow in the treatment for the technicians.

Pre-manufacturing procedure

The technicians receive the prints and the prescription sheet from the laboratory prepared by Dr. Friedländer based on the study. With this sheet the treatment and the final position of the teeth are planned.

Preparation of working models

The prints are emptied with plaster and these models are used to prepare a set-up or a reassembly of the teeth according to the prescription. The result of this teeth reassembly is the end result of the treatment that we want to achieve. If desired, these models can be digitized and therefore we can obtain some digital set-up models.

The set-up, both digital and manual, is the result of the treatment plan and is used for the manufacture of brackets and wires.

Design of digital positioning of brackets

Most lingual braces use stainless steel brackets and are not customized. Incognito is the first system to use individualized brackets. The design and positioning of Incognito lingual brackets is done by computer.

Once the models are scanned, technicians mark the extension of the bases of the brackets (the part that is attached to the anatomy of the tooth), its shape, thickness and so on.

The technicians have a bookstore or bank of bodies of brackets. Once the bases have been designed, they load the brackets library and start placing them on the bases.
When the brackets are already in place it is checked that everything is placed correctly. The brackets are placed virtually in one line and are prepared for the casting process (metal injection manufacturing), rapid prototyping is done, a 3D impression of wax brackets.
The wax block is placed in a lining and cast in metal and finished polishing these brackets

Finally, the accuracy of the groove of each of the brackets is verified, if it does not meet the precision that is demanded it is discarded and a new one is made again.

Manufacture of individualized wires

In order to make the wires, the brackets are cemented in the set-up or reassembly models, that is, the models that have the teeth placed with the desired results.

The technician marks the grooves of the brackets in the virtual plan and with this information a specialized robot manufactures the customized wires for the treatment.

The wires are delivered on a template with all the information necessary to move the teeth to their position, It also comes with information about the stripping or interproximal reduction, zones and quantities to be made.

Manufacture of cementing splints

The brackets are cemented in the models with the malocclusion of the patient, i.e in the original models that present the same problem as the patient and then the cementing splints are manufactured.

The cementing splints are trays where the brackets which have been prepared for cementation are placed using the indirect cementation technique. There are two types of different splint depending on the cementing system used by the orthodontist: hard silicone splint and transparent splint.

Want to know if orthodontic treatment would work in your case? Discover the experiences of other people and the result of orthodontic cases solved successfully by Dr. Friedländer and his team specialized in orthodontics in Barcelona.

Compared with invisible lingual orthodontics or Invisalign transparent orthodontics, vestibular orthodontics or external orthodontics is one of the most economical options for possible orthodontic treatments.

The first approach with our patients, is also the space of time dedicated to knowing the needs and doubts that each person may have, and it is the opportunity for you to know the human being behind the specialist that is going to treat you. Because we are people treating people and that is the most important thing.

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