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Custom Technology

Your exclusive invisible lingual brackets of gold or silver color are manufactured, using the latest technology, in a personalized way to provide you with predictable and efficient results in the treatment.

Conventional metal or ceramic brackets or other invisible lingual brackets are mass produced with generic and universal prescriptions, the same brackets for all patients. The lingual brackets of the Incognito system or the Win system are 100% customized for you.

Why is this personalization so important?

Thanks to this personalization the treatment time is usually shorter than when dealing with generic brackets. In addition, Incognito and Win lingual brackets are more comfortable than conventional brackets because they fit perfectly to the inner surface of the tooth. Also, the number of visits usually diminishes with both systems, since the brackets and the wires are personalized and designed to arrive at the final result.

Ready for the next step?

Try the experience with the invisible and personalized lingual orthodontics for yourself and you will see how simple and comfortable it is to get the smile that you have always wanted.

How does it work?

In our consultation we take precision measurements of your teeth and we send them to the laboratories of Incognito or Win in Germany. The treatment plan is customized by us and with the help of laboratory technicians and the design of the devices is carried out to correct your malocclusion.

Using computer-aided design and production, 3D printing and robotics, your brackets and wires are individually manufactured exclusively for you to correct your malocclusion and give you a confident smile and a comfortable bite.

With the Incognito system each bracket is cast in gold with a precise design. Not only is the gold polished to give extra comfort, it is also ideal for those who are allergic to nickel and other metals.

In the manufacture of the brackets with the Win system, a series of preformed brackets and the bracket body are used. The groove of the bracket is accurately serrated and the body is then welded to the base.

The first approach with our patients, is also the space of time dedicated to knowing the needs and doubts that each person may have, and it is the opportunity for you to know the human being behind the specialist that is going to treat you. Because we are people treating people and that is the most important thing.

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