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Ortodoncia lingual

Sistema Incognito

Verdaderamente personalizado e invisible. Los brackets linguales del Sistema Incognito se colocan detrás de los dientes. Te resultará fácil sonreír con confianza durante y después del tratamiento.

Sistema Win

Ingeniería alemana = precisión de fabricación. Los brackets del sistema Win son totalmente invisibles ya que se colocan en la parte interna de los dientes. Podrás sonreír sin complejos durante el tratamiento de ortodoncia.

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La ortodoncia invisible supone una opción de tratamiento único que ofrece brackets linguales personalizados, que se colocan en la parte interior de los dientes y por lo tanto son totalmente insvisible.

Preguntas frecuentes

    Why is lingual orthodontics more expensive?2018-08-13T11:05:11+00:00

    For each case of lingual orthodontics the technician of the laboratory of 3M has to dedicate more than 60 hours of work. The entire manufacturing process is done using the most advanced technology in constant research and development. Visits in the consultation are usually longer than with vestibular or exterior orthodontics. For an orthodontist to treat patients with lingual orthodontics, many hours of study are necessary, investing many resources (time and money) to attend specific training courses in lingual orthodontics and to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques. Read more about these topics in our work philosophy.

    What checkups do I have to do after orthodontic treatment?2018-08-13T11:15:53+00:00

    After orthodontics, it is necessary to carry out yearly caries examinations in which the fixed retention and professional hygiene can be checked if necessary.

    What is the procedure for preventing by my teeth from moving after treatment?2018-08-13T11:36:07+00:00

    In Friedländer Orthodontics we follow a rigorous protocol of retention and maintenance after orthodontic treatment. We usually use fixed retention in the lower and upper arch if occlusion allows; and we also use two sleeping devices as a supplementary support.

    Can I play sports while wearing lingual orthodontics?2018-08-13T11:08:54+00:00

    Yes, because they are on the inside of the teeth there is no risk of injury to the lips and cheeks. We recommend lingual orthodontics for those patients who participate in high risk or contact sports.

    Is lingual orthodontics painful?2018-08-13T11:10:30+00:00

    Like all orthodontic systems, lingual orthodontics generates a type of controlled inflammation that can produce mild discomfort the first few days after each visit. Most people feel mild discomfort and their teeth are a little more sensitive to pressure. Our team will give you the necessary advice and instructions to deal with these discomforts. Generally, you do not need to take anything to relieve discomfort, however if you wish, you can take some anti-inflammatory medicine like Ibuprofen. As the treatment progresses, you will feel less discomfort and the treatment will be much easier.

    How long does a lingual orthodontic treatment last?2018-08-13T11:12:03+00:00

    The treatment time varies according to each patient and the amount of work needed to align the teeth. Due to the technology and precision of the custom brackets and wires and the precision in the placement of the brackets, your teeth will move in the most efficient way possible. Lingual orthodontic treatment usually lasts about 6 months in the simple cases of Incognito lite or Social Six and 24 months in complex cases that require complex movements of teeth. To get an idea you can consult our section of cases solved.

    What do I have to do to get treated with lingual orthodontics?2018-08-13T11:06:25+00:00

    The steps to follow to start your orthodontic treatment are described here. The process begins with a first visit in our consultation, during this visit we will inform you about the dental problems you have, and the possible solutions.

    Who can wear invisible lingual orthodontics?2018-08-13T11:07:04+00:00

    Lingual brackets are suitable for patients of all age groups, as long as they have definitive teeth in the mouth. In most cases our patients opt for Incognito or Win lingual orthodontics for aesthetic and professional reasons, since when placed on the inner side of the teeth they are totally invisible.

    What are the main advantages of personalized lingual orthodontics?2018-08-13T11:00:46+00:00

    Being fully customized or customized are very accurate and being placed on the inside of the teeth are completely invisible. Recent studies (2014) have shown that they reduce the risk of dental caries or white lesions during treatment with lingual orthodontics compared with conventional orthodontics.

    What do lingual brackets look like?2018-08-13T11:01:43+00:00

    Personalized lingual orthodontics have a unique design and shape. The bases of the brackets are designed and contoured according to the anatomy of the teeth to embrace their lingual (tongue-side) surfaces in this way provide optimum comfort, fit and performance. The lingual braces Incognito and Win have a very low profile so they are less likely to interfere with speech and chewing. The individualized system wires are specially contoured to fit your treatment plan. You can read more about the Incognito and Win manufacturing process.

    How much does lingual orthodontics cost?2018-08-13T11:03:05+00:00

    The price of Incognito or Win lingual orthodontic treatment depends on the orthodontic problem you have and the complexity of the treatment. The treatment prices of Incognito Lite, Incognito Full or Win have a range of between € 3,200 and € 5,800 and in very complex or long-term cases they can exceed € 6,000. You can read more about the value of lingual orthodontics and its possible funding in the price and value section of the invisible orthodontics of our website.

    La situación y el problema dental de cada persona son únicos por lo que el coste del tratamiento con ortodoncia lingual Incognito o Win varía en función de la magnitud de tus necesidades de tratamiento de ortodoncia. Sólo después de hacer una valoración de tu maloclusión podremos determinar el coste exacto de tu tratamiento personalizado. Sin embargo, los brackets linguales son asequibles.

    El primer acercamiento con nuestros pacientes, es también el espacio de tiempo dedicado a conocer las necesidades y dudas cada persona pueda tener, y es la oportunidad para que conozcas al ser humano que hay detrás del especialista que te va a tratar. Porque somos personas que tratamos personas y eso es lo más importante.

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