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Self-ligating or low friction brackets are brackets with a modern locking mechanism that eliminates the need to attach the wire to the brackets with the ligatures. Currently in Orthodontics Friedländer uses several self-ligating systems like Damon System, SmartClip and Gamini SL. The use of self-ligating, thanks to the low friction, has meant a great change in treatment and the possibilities that it offers. The low friction brackets align teeth by a sliding mechanism of the teeth through the wire, just like the conventional brackets. The absence of ligatures reduces the discomfort caused by the need to bind as in conventional brackets and thanks to the low friction the teeth are leveled faster and with the application of smaller forces.

Advantages of self-ligating brackets

An additional advantage demonstrated with self-ligating brackets is the improvement of facial aesthetics by creating wider smiles. In many cases, extractions and orthognathic surgery can be avoided thanks to the complex movements that these systems allow us to perform.

Treatment with shorter visits

Having a self-ligating mechanism changing the wires during orthodontic treatment is easier and faster since the need to attach each tooth individually is eliminated. The quick and simple wire change makes visits faster. It means that the patient is with the mouth open less time therefore increases the comfort.

Better oral hygiene

Rubber band ligations or even metal ligatures increase the retention of food and bacterial plaque around the brackets, and therefore increase the chances of having poor hygiene with the risk of having cavities and gum problems. With self-ligating brackets it is easier to maintain hygiene since it is not necessary to use ligatures.

Smoother, more efficient and physiological dental movements

By not having ligatures the forces necessary to move the teeth are inferior (the ligatures increase the friction). With less force the teeth move faster. By applying lighter forces, the movements are more physiological and healthier for the roots of the teeth, bone and gums.

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Compared with invisible lingual orthodontics or Invisalign transparent orthodontics, vestibular orthodontics or external orthodontics is one of the most economical options for possible orthodontic treatments.

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