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transparent brackets

The transparent sapphire brackets Inspire Ice, represent an important tool for the orthodontist who wants to give an aesthetic solution to their patients in orthodontic treatments with fixed appliances.

Advantages of the Sapphire Brackets

The brackets are made of monocrystalline sapphire (the sapphire is an extremely hard mineral, composed of aluminum oxide), they are transparent like glass and very discreet, almost invisible regardless of the color of the patient’s teeth, as they are transparent and transmit the original color of the tooth.

Transparent brackets

Unlike ceramic brackets that are translucent and of a neutral placement, the Inspire Ice brackets are transparent and in the mouth, they are practically invisible, regardless of the tone and color of the tooth. It is a suitable solution for all patients.
Thanks to the heat treatment received by these brackets, its surface is extremely polished, a feature that reduces friction with the wire.

Tougher fins

The big problem with transparent sapphire brackets was fracture. During the treatment there was the possibility that the bracket fins could be broken, which increased the need for visits to change the broken bracket. This problem has reduced thanks to the heat treatment that the brackets receive. The sapphire brackets go through a heat treatment that reinforces and increases the resistance to fracture; The brackets used in Friedländer orthodontics are twice as resistant to fracture as other sapphire brackets..

Easy to remove

Inspire Ice sapphire brackets use a patented Ormco design with the base of the ball-coated bracket. This type of base reduces the force needed to remove the bracket from the tooth. For the removal of the brackets there are special debonding pliers. The simple procedure for the removal of the brackets ensures that they can be removed without breaking the bracket leaving traces of sapphire on the tooth.

Soft and comfortable

Inspire Ice is one of the finest aesthetic brackets, with a very low profile. Manufactured with an innovative procedure that makes it completely smooth and with very soft and round edges, to increase patient comfort.

Quick and precise placement

The base of the diamond-shaped bracket allows a perfect adaptation of the base to the tooth and the system of marking with water inks, which marks each bracket of each tooth with different color help the orthodontist in the precision of the placement of the brackets.

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Compared with invisible lingual orthodontics or Invisalign transparent orthodontics, vestibular orthodontics or external orthodontics is one of the most economical options for possible orthodontic treatments.

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