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Aesthetic ceramic brackets

Clarity Advanced Aesthetic Ceramic Brackets represent an improvement over Clarity Ceramic Brackets with metal grooves. Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets offer both aesthetics and treatment efficiency:

  • Excellent aesthetics.
  • Highly resistant
  • Design in rounded and low profile shape that increases patient comfort
  • The removal of the brackets is simple and predictable
Advantages of aesthetic ceramic brackets
Excellent aesthetics
  • Very small and translucent brackets – they allow teeth to be seen.
  • Manufactured with innovative and state-of-the-art ceramics to offer an attractive look.
  • Being translucent they combine with the natural color of the tooth.
  • Do not stain or stain with food or tobacco.
More comfort
  • Rounded design, in the form of a half sphere, adapted to the patient.
  • Due to the injection molding process the bracket is smooth and has rounded angles.
  • Being a small bracket minimizes friction with the soft parts; therefore, sores are minimized and patient comfort is increased during treatment.
  • The hooks of the ceramic aesthetic brackets are rounded and angled to avoid injuries.
Removal of ceramic brackets
  • These brackets have a force-concentrating line that allows you to collapse the brackets by removing it without leaving traces of ceramic on your teeth, the force concentrator is a hallmark of the 3M Clarity Brackets brand.
  • It can be removed easily with or without the wire attached.
  • Being so easy to remove does not generate pain or discomfort for the patient which makes the visit of retreat a positive visit.
Improved efficiency
  • Being made of an innovative ceramic of high quality and very polished surface, the movements are as efficient as with the metal brackets.
  • Resistance and easy manipulation.
  • They offer great resistance with a small size and low profile.
  • Manufactured by an injection molding process with very fine grain ceramic material.
  • The space below the bracket fins is ample allowing for easy handling by the orthodontist (the easy attached).
Why is the quality of the ceramic bracket important?

The ceramic brackets of poor quality are of more porous and rough surface, they are broken easily, they are stained to the few weeks of use. All this makes the treatment not go so well:

  • Rough surface: increases friction and slows down dental movement.
  • Porous surface: favors staining and staining of brackets.
  • Fragility: a broken bracket is a bracket that does not move the tooth correctly and the next visit will have to be changed, ie longer visit and loss of treatment time.

To offer a treatment of orthodontics of the highest quality we use the best materials without skimping on the quality of these.

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Compared with invisible lingual orthodontics or Invisalign transparent orthodontics, vestibular orthodontics or external orthodontics is one of the most economical options for possible orthodontic treatments.

The first approach with our patients, is also the space of time dedicated to knowing the needs and doubts that each person may have, and it is the opportunity for you to know the human being behind the specialist that is going to treat you. Because we are people treating people and that is the most important thing.

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