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The palatal expander – orthopedic widening of the palate

Palatal expander

The palatal expander is one of the most efficient appliances available. It is used to correct transverse problems or problems with maxillary or palatal width. A palatal expander is a fixed device cemented using bands on the molars or attached with micro-screws; it is the only appliance with which we are able to achieve skeletal expansion of the maxilla bone.

ortodoncia frieldander barcelona disyuntor palatino mordida cruzada

Image of the expansion made with a palatal expander one month following activation of the appliance.

Treatment of transverse problems (relating to the width of the mouth)

Width problems often show up as a crossbite (on one or both sides), as dental crowding, or as the premature loss of a milk tooth. To provide treatment, it is of key importance to know the cause of the problem. A crossbite due to the skeletal cause of a narrow palate should not be corrected by simply moving the teeth; it is also necessary to use a palatal expander to correct the width of the bone. The necessary expansion may be achieved less than one month after activation; the most important sign is the diastema – or space – that opens up between the central incisors.

There are various names and designs for palatal expanders:

ortodoncia frieldander barcelona disyuntor palatino mordida cruzada hyrax haas macnamara

Various palatal expander designs, from left to right: Hyrax, Haas and MacNamara.

Each appliance’s design has its advantages and disadvantages, so which one we use depends upon each case.

Our design

For some time now we have been using a palatal expander with a minimalist design; it is an appliance that is finer, more hygienic and more comfortable for the patient.

ortodoncia frieldander barcelona disyuntor palatino mordida cruzada minimalista

Close-up of the ‘single arm’ design palatal expander that we use. Photos before and after the expansion.

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