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The difference between a low-profile bracket and a normal bracket in a single image

One of the first blog entries we wrote when we started the blog had to do with the different types of brackets,  explaining the different types that exist today.

In today’s article, we want to explain the difference between a low-profile bracket and a normal bracket. 

In the following image, you can see two brackets that are quite similar to the patient’s eye; however, to the professional one is thinner and has a lower profile than the other. These two characteristics mean greater comfort for the patient. The low-profile bracket has a better polished finish than the other; this makes for better hygiene and a more precise bracket slot.

Bracket de bajo perfil y bracket normal

Close-up of two brackets that look the same, but are not.

Not all brackets are the same even though they are made of metal. Always ask what type of bracket they are going to use in your orthodontic treatment. We use the highest quality material in order to offer high quality in our treatments. All the materials we use are state-of-the-art materials coming from Germany, the USA, Korea and Norway, and we are always on the lookout for new materials to be able to improve the quality of our treatments.

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