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ClinCheck, the 3D software used for planning Invisalign clear braces

Predictable, efficient treatment with Invisalign is based on good planning using ClinCheck.

ClinCheck is computer software that produces a 3D virtual simulation of treatment with Invisalign, allowing the orthodontist and the patient to see the final result of the treatment from the start. And not only the final result, but it also enables us to see how each tooth moves and at what speed; each movement can be evaluated and modified.

Simulations of the same treatment can be done with or without extractions, to see how it turns out both ways. ClinCheck is a big step forward, it is a great tool for explaining to the patient what is going to take place in his or her treatment with Invisalign.

Ortodoncia Friedlander Barcelona invisalign transparente lingua invisible estetica

A ClinCheck image.

With ClinCheck, we plan the location and amount of stripping or interproximal reduction that is required.

Ortodoncia Friedlander Barcelona invisalign transparente lingual invisible estetica

Planning Stripping and dental movements with ClinCheck.

If planning with ClinCheck® is not carried out properly, the teeth will not follow the movement shown in the virtual simulation, and the clear aligners will not fit perfectly, an empty space will start to appear between the tooth and the aligner which becomes more and more uncomfortable. For this reason, it is very important to choose an orthodontist who has experience with Invisalign and can also show photos of his completed cases as evidence.

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