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Inicio » Align Technology introduces ClinCheck Pro – its new software for interactive treatment planning

Align Technology introduces ClinCheck Pro – its new software for interactive treatment planning

Align Technology recently announced the introduction of its new software ClinCheck Pro in Europe. The date for this is 21 February 2015, and from this day onward all of our Invisalign patients will be able to benefit from the major improvements in treatment planning that ClinCheck Pro offers. The previous version of ClinCheck remains available despite the likelihood that usage will drop off. It is worth noting that ClinCheck Pro was introduced in the USA several months ago and has proven to be a success.

Ortodoncia Friedländer Barcelona Invisalign invisible transparente ClinCheck Pro

Image of the new software ClinCheck Pro.

ClinCheck Pro is the tool that we as orthodontists had been hoping for; it enables us with live interaction for the planning of treatment, instead of just giving orders to the technician.

The modifications that can be controlled using ClinCheck Pro are:

1. Control of spacing using stripping or interproximal reduction.

2. Control over the fitting of conventional attachments as well as position and location.

3. Control over occlusal contacts gained in treatment.

4. 3D control over the movements of teeth and their final positions.

The following video, made specially for orthodontists, gives a brief introduction to ClinCheck Pro.

These improvements in ClinCheck Pro bring a number of significant advantages:

1. Communication with technicians is made easier.

2. Time savings in the planning of the treatment.

3. Reduced waiting time for starting treatment with Invisalign.

4. Higher degree of precision in the final positions of the teeth.

5. Treatment can end up being shorter.

The next innovation is Invisalign G6, and we are all looking forward to its arrival.

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