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3M launches Incognito Lite invisible lingual brackets and Treatment Management Portal (TMP)

This month, 3M launched a change in the Incognito lingual braces system which it has been using for years. It did so together with Treatment Management Portal (TMP). This is a platform that allows orthodontists to plan treatments and digitise models. With this step, many procedures become digital, which can increase precision and save a great deal of time.

Incognito Lite Invisible Brackets use the same cutting-edge technology that the original Incognito system uses, that is to say, fully customised and personalised brackets and wires bent by robots with maximum precision. However, Incognito Lite, a “lighter” version, uses fewer brackets, which are completely invisible, and corrects the dental problem with only 3 wires.

I recommend Incognito Lite for those patients who do not require full treatment with lingual braces. For those patients who used to wear appliances and have had a slight relapse, the option of Incognito Lite as partial treatment with invisible lingual braces is very appealing. Only 8 brackets are placed on the front teeth, not throughout the mouth as in the Incognito full treatment. Furthermore, the partial treatment is much shorter than the full treatment.

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